A larp by Katrine Wind and Maria Pettersson

Run 3: December 6th-8th 2024

Run 4: January 3rd-5th 2025

Broholm Castle, Denmark

It has been fifteen years now, since a group of exceptionally talented students at an elite English university discovered a way to lure the Muses of antiquity into their presence, and to compel them to manifest themselves. The students separated the divine siblings one from the other, and ritually bound them into servitude. Each Muse was made to serve one or more of the students; to be the well-spring of the Inspiration that set them on their paths to glory.

The students have now become the Inspired – the most celebrated artists, scientists, and leaders in the world. The Muses to whom they owe their success remain bound to them, and have by turns accepted their lot, vainly attempted to rebel against their captors, gradually developed Stockholm syndrome, befriended their captors or even fallen in love with them. There is precious little Inspiration left for others, since it is all hoarded by the Inspired, for their use alone.

Once a year, all of the Inspired and their Muses come together at Helicon Manor, to renew the ritual that binds them. 

All of the Muses are siblings; they both crave one another’s company and need it. As for the Inspired, they get to spend time with the only other people in the world with whom they share their secret, who also know how it feels to be host to an ancient supernatural force, who understand each other in ways that no other mortals ever could.

29 players ·December 6th–8th 2024 and January 3rd-5th 2025 · Broholm Castle, Gudme, Denmark · 660 euros