You will play either a Muse or one of the Inspired.

A Muse is a mythical creature composed of Inspiration, passion, and emotion. Muses, like most Greek gods and goddesses, are very human, with emotions and desires the same as any mortal. They also possess certain extraordinary abilities – most famously the ability to Inspire artists, leaders and scientists. All Muses are siblings and have deep, but possibly complex, relationships with each other.

The Inspired are celebrated stars in their fields, be it art or science, religion or politics. They are former students who have risen to fame thanks to their own abilities, but also thanks to the Inspiration they’ve taken from the Muses. All of the Inspired know each other from their time as students, and they have meaningful and sometimes complicated relationships with each other.

A very important relationship in the larp is that of each of the Inspired and their Muse, bound together voluntarily or involuntarily. 

Every Muse is owned by one or more of the Inspired. The mortal is the owner and will eventually have the last word. But the Inspired are, although very successful, dependent on their Muses. In this way the Muses also have power over their owners. Their relationship can be amicable, romantic, bitter, abusive, equal, hateful, passionate, or all the above.

The Inspired draw Inspiration from the Muses. This happens most effectively when the Muses inspire voluntarily, but if that doesn’t happen, Inspiration can be taken forcibly from a Muse. If one of the Inspired is greedy and takes too much Inspiration from a Muse in a single dose, they might be highly influenced by said Muse. It is dangerous to surrender too deeply to the intoxicating feeling of being Inspired, as the Muse might take advantage of the influence that this gives them. Inspiration is addictive.

The characters will all be open to everyone to read (fully transparent). You are not required to read all of them, only our own character.
We encourage you to be in touch with the players of your character’s closest relations before the game. You are, however, obliged to get in contact and plan with your Inspired/Muse contact, and discuss for example, your expectations and boundaries.


Available Characters

There are a maximum of 14 Muses in the game, each of them owned by one or more humans.

In the sign-up form you are asked to pick the types of art, science or leadership you and your partner(s) are interested in.

If you pick for example Music and Dance, one of you will portray Euterpe or Terpsichore, and the other one will portray a celebrated star of music or dance.

In art, Muses are almost always portrayed as young, white women. This is not our vision. We strongly urge people of all genders, ages, body-types, ethnicities, etc… (including young, white women) to sign up as both the Muses and the Inspired as the characters ingame are also of all genders, body-types, ethnicities etc.

Christian Schönburg  and Thalia

Dance: Danielle Lafontaine and Terpsichore

Epic poetry: Edmund Wright and Calliope

History: Henry Wilson and Clio

Love poetry: Lawrence Black and Erato

Music: Maximilian Stern and Euterpe

Painting: Phillip Frost and Omorfia

Philosophy: Penelope Spencer and Urania

Politics: Percy Shaw and Kallistrate

Psychology: Patrick O’Connor and Phren

Sculpture: Sophia Newton and Athanasia

Song: Sky Stanhope and Aoide

Spiritual inspiration: Stella Wilson and Polyhymnia

Tragedy: Thomas Montgomery, Taylor Montgomery and Melpomene