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Katrine Wind has a background in management positions in the analysis business, being a political scientist.

She is the main designer behind Spoils of War and Daemon.

Her focus as a larp designer and game-master the last 15 years has mostly been on interpersonal drama and relations, deep world building and management of crew. 


Maria Pettersson is a journalist, best selling author and a larp designer.

Her works include larps like Halat hisar, Parliament of Shadows, Redemption, and Allegiance.

In her larps she concentrates on deep character relations and clever world design. Many of her works feature magical realism.




We are extremely happy to welcome Kai Simon Fredriksen to join us as the photographer for the runs 3 and 4.


A huge thank you

Anni Tolvanen for the theme song and sound design, Katrine Kavli for creating the website, Maria Manner for graphics, Bjørn-Morten Vang Gundersen for photography, Emil Greve, Elina Gouliou and Markus Montola for sparring and ideas, Søren Hjorth for character writing, Malk Williams for website proofreading, and Anna Werge Bønnelycke and Klara Rotvig for safety and practical help in the first two runs.